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Users and Roles

Defined here are the user groups that we have added in addition to the default trust level provided in discourse


This is a custom group that pays homage to our user Casey. It is a fun group that changes your background Casey holding a gun on the light skin and gives the user an image of Casey's head overlaying the bottom of your avatar.

This group is open to the public and anyone can join or leave.

Content Creators

This is an invite only group that gives user a little pray hands by your avatar. Only members of this group may post threads to premium OC. They also have a custom username color with css.

Has Subbed

This group is invite only. It denotes users who have subbed in a mafia game. It puts a sub next to their avatar if it is set as their primary group.

Lounge Members

Invite only group. It grants users access to the lounge because otherwise they have to wait until TL3. If they have this set as primary it shows the NA next to their avatar.

Mafia Players

Defunct invite only group. It was setup to restrict users who can post in active mafia games. However, so far everyone has been respectful of other games so and thus we have made the game zone totally accessible instead.


Defunct invite only group for the whack it shack. It was created to filter users who could view the "Whack it Shack". However, since users have requested for it to be open, this group no longer has an active purpose. It may need to be allowed if our user base groups, but for now it is an inactive group with no purpose.