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Mafia Rules

teammates# Forum Mafia Rules

Hello there! Welcome to the world of Forum Mafia!

If you are new to Mafia, I suggest you read our New Player Guide. TODO

What follows is a list of rules to add structure to our Mafia games.

Host Rules

The rules in this section are more for the host to set up a structured game.

  1. Roles will be decided after sign-ups. Each role is guaranteed to be determined randomly. The host will assign roles by giving each person a number and using If you get a role you don’t like, too bad. TODO Working on an app that will live on that will facilitate this process.

  2. Night Action Resolution will be resolved in this manner: Night Action Orderr.

  3. At minimum the host is required to display the Vanilla Town(or equivalent) format PM publicly in the threads opening post.

  4. A Private Message from a player must be answered in the game thread anonymously, given that it should be answered. A host is on no ones team and should give no advantage to either side.

Player Rules

These items are considered our only enforced rules for players. You will be warned, banned or mod killed depending on the severity of the infraction. This is up to the host on a game by game basis, but to be banned it must be reviewed by a moderator.

  1. Do not discuss any active mafia game outside the game thread, without the express permission of the Host. This includes but is not limited to: the forum itself, private messages, skype, discord, you get the idea

  2. A player cannot edit their post. (working on disabling this still)

  3. There is no talking at night, period. Dead people cannot talk, period.

  4. The host may change any rule in the game. If that is the case, the host must specify the changed rules.

  5. A Private Message or Chat is private. You may not openly discuss them without prior approval of the game host.

  6. A Player should always play to their win condition to the best of their ability. You are still able to forfeit, however this does not let you throw the game on purpose.

Acceptable: * You are last mafia and you are outed. You can forfeit by PM'ing the host and not finishing the day.

Unacceptable: * Publicly forfeiting and giving up because you don't like your teammates.

Player Penalties - The Tribunal

If a player breaks an above rule, the host should be privately notified immediately. Depending on the severity of the infraction a few steps from the host can be taken. It is important to note that intent is just as important as the violated rule.

Warn-able Offense: * An accident or slip of the tongue that violates an above rule that is non game breaking

Mod Killed(Zeus'd): * Intentionally violating an above rule. * Warning a player twice in a game

Tribunal * Game Ruining - intentionally ruining a game by violating an above rule. (i.e game cannot continue) * Repeated Mod Killing

The Tribunal will present the grievances against the offender and he will be judged by a jury of his peers. A poll will be opened whether the user is guilty or innocent.

  • First time offense - 3 game suspension
  • Second time offense - 5 game suspension
  • Third time - permanent game ban.

Player Etiquette

These are items that are not against any rules, but are highly recommended. They make the game thread clean to read and make it welcoming to new players.

  1. Do not use bold font unless you are lynching
  2. Do not use colored font unless you are the host.
  3. Refer to players by their forum name to not confuse the host or new players.

Game Guidelines

These are more generic guidelines that are often changed on a game by game basis.

  1. If you want to play, you must be active. This means a commitment of not only reading but replying to the game thread. If you are not considered active you may be mod killed or replaced. Our active posters average around 10-20 posts per day, but often times this will require significantly more.

  2. Day voting lasts 48 hours. At the end of 48 hours, the plurality vote will be upheld. Night rounds end either once all applicable power roles have reported in or when 24 hours have passed, whichever comes first. If you are a power role and do not submit your night action before the night round ends, you will be banned from the next game. As the game progresses day and night may shrink to speed up play with fewer numbers.

  3. Once the game starts, the host will not answer questions that are asked in the game thread. If you ever have a question during the game, you can PM the host to make sure you are not breaking any rules/understand how the game works. If the host feels that the answer will be helpful to everyone playing (purely to understand the mechanics of the game, not to affect the outcome), the host can post it for everyone to see, so nobody will know who originally asked the question.