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This is to discuss thecommands of the Mafia MafiaBot. The MafiaBot is using HuBot and the Discourse Adapater.


Below are the proposed list of commands broken into two sections. Host and Player

Required Commands


  • lynch - Usage @mafiabot lynch example - This command will record your lynch target.
  • unlynch - Usage @mafiabot unlynch - This command will clear your current lynch.


  • startgame - Usage @mafiabot startgame @playerNames - playerNames are space delimited list of signed players
  • startday - Usage @mafiabot startday parentThreadID - This will start the next day and associate the thread with the parent thread. You can find the parent thread id in the url of the first game
  • add - Usage @mafiabot add @playername - Adds a player to a list of signed players incase a name was missed.
  • remove - Usage @mafiabot remove @playername - Removes a player from the list of signed players incase of a mistake.
  • sub - Usage @mafiabot sub @playerSubIn @playerSubOut - Subs a player into the game by adding the new player to the list and removing the old player
  • kill - Usage @mafiabot kill @playerNames - playerNames are a space delimited list of players killed

Both :

  • votecount - Usage @mafiabot votecount - This command will output the current vote count of the day. Alias @mafiabot vc

Nice to Have Commands


  • stat - Usage @mafiabot stat [@playerName] - playerName is an optional command. It will lookup the person who issued the command unless a target is specified. Will reply in a PM to whoever issued the command to avoid people being obnoxious.
  • alive - Usage @mafiabot alive - This will return to the game thread the list of currently alive players.


  • zeus - Usage @mafiabot zeus @playername - emulates the kill command but with Zeus Flair.
  • result - Usage @mafiabot result winningTeam @playerNames - where WinningTeam is either (Town, Mafia, Third), playerNames are space delimited list of winning players